Choosing a Contractor

We provide wildlife removal solutions to the New Jersey Skylands region, which includes Sussex, Warren, Morris, Hunterdon, and Somerset county. We are proud to be the premier service provider in our region. If you live outside the Skylands region, we recommed you use the following site to locate a provider in your area: AA Animal Control National Listings by State

We realize it can be difficult to choose a service provider. Which is why we do our best to make the process are clear and hassle-free every step of the way.

Beginning with your first phone call to Wildlife Control Specialists, you will be provided with individual attention and expert care. During our call, we will determine if the services we offer are the right fit for your needs. After that, we will set up a comprehensive inspection using expert equipment, documenting your issue with digital photography. This detailed assessment costs $99.  Beware of free inspections! A proper inspection takes time and involves the use of ladders and sometimes lifts. We inspect your roof, gutters, soffits, and exterior fixtures. A free, cursory inspection will never provide the detail and price accuracy of our detailed assessment. If you decide to go ahead with the job, the inspection fee is credited towards the cost of the project.

Our warranty service means you can rest soundly, knowing the work we do is guaranteed. And our expert craftsmanship, from carpentry to metalwork, means you are not only maintaining your home, but also improving it. We have the best tools and equipment in the business to get the job done. Homeowners often tell us we leave their houses looking better than they did before, increasing property values and ensuring long-term durability.

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