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Fall and Winter Animial Control

As fall and winter approach, we cozy up inside our warm homes. Unfortunately, there are invaders as small as an ant or as large as a family of skunks or squirrels, your best defense against pests is sealing off their entry points into your house.

Examine the Exterior
Mice are most likely the biggest wintertime pest concern.  A mouse can sneak in through a hole no bigger than a dime, while a raccoon-size creature can enter through a 6-inch opening. You should look for light coming through cracks and feel for air movement.

Windows and Doors
If you leave your windows or doors open, they should be fit with screens, if they already have screens check them for tears. Seal cracks around windows and door frames with caulk or foam. Be sure to use weather stripping on your exterior doors and garage.

IF YOU’RE INVADED:  Leave It to a Pro!
Large, potentially dangerous animals like raccoons should always be handled by a professional. If you’re sick, elderly, or have kids or pets, then you might not want to tackle a rodent problem on your own, because they carry disease. Skunks, Bats and Squirrels are also difficult to trap. Call a professional to handle wildlife removal for safe and efficient results. For more information about WILDLIFE REMOVAL please visit our Company Website.